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Cloud based ERP Software& POS for retail industries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Mizmar Technologies Dubai is a trusted IT company in UAE provides the best cloud based ERP software services for medium and large retail business industries. Retail business in general are facing to keep the correct equation of stock and demand. In retail business like supermarkets and department stores to reach the ultimate aim of profit one should be keen in entertaining the customers. To make the customers happy they should have a pleasant shopping experience each time they are visited your supermarket or retail business outlet. Our ERP software is cloud based and specially developed for retail business industries like supermarkets and department stores. Since it is developed for UAEand GCC markets its VAT supported.

Advantages of Point of Sale (POS ) software for supermarkets and retail business UAE

Our cloud based ERP software is specially for small, medium and large scale supermarkets ,department stores and retail business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi,UAE.It is VAT supporting and easily customizable for any requirements. The special modules and features of the POS software help to understand the real interest of the customers and their buying nature and pattern. The software provides customer centric solution and improves sales. Our point of sale software helps the business to maintain cash flow and achieve the customer satisfaction. Since the software is cloud based you can access it from anywhere with greater security ,Since it is VAT compliance it reduces cost and assures maximum profit

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